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"Performed by some of the world‘s best acrobats"

                 (The Advertiser, Adelaide)

"Brilliant hybrid of circus, theatre and vaudeville"                       (Theatre Review, NZ)


Who would have thought ten years ago, when we started to play around with acrobats in, on, under and around bathtubs, that our show SOAP would today still tour around the globe and entertain audiences at home and in far-away places. The idea was simple: how do you play with water, its sensuality and have fun whilst doing it? The bathtub is a place where human beings feel safe, protected, secure; a little bit like in a mother’s womb. In a bathtub, people do things that they would not necessarily do somewhere else, for instance they sing opera or play with a rubber duck. In the beginning, I developed an acrobatic number combining a water-filled bathtub with an aerial straps act. We presented it at the Royal Variety Performance to the delight of the audience in the live show, a huge number on TV and some members of the British royal family. But soon after, we felt like telling a whole story or a collection of short episodes and we began to experiment with different characters, like in a soap opera. We found out, that bodies and water match very well on stage and that sensuality greatly increases when the bodies get wet. 

Markus Pabst 

SOAP is directed by Markus Pabst and Maximilian Rambaek. The show opened in the Chamaeleon Theatre in Berlin on Jan. 27, 2007 and has since than been performed for over two and a half years in Berlin as well as on tour in over 25 cities in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, the UK, Hungary, Mexico, Israel, Australia, New Zealand & Singapore.
The show features music by The Doors, Mika, Sia, Tool, Gnarls Barkley, Goldfrapp, Ben Harper amongst others as well as live music from Beethoven, Mozart, Korsakow, Theodorakis and the Beatles.
SOAP is suitable for a general audience including families with children.

The German version of SOAP is performing as WET- the show in the GOP Cabarets.

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