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SOAP – the Facts


Day X ./. 3 Arrival of touring company

Day X ./. 2 Set up lighting, sound, rigging & stage, focus lights, sound system check (full day and crew)

Day X ./. 1 Lighting, sound check, acrobat rig, rehearsals (full day and crew)

Day X General rehearsal, opening night (show crew, must be the same for all rehearsals and shows)


Maximum Amount of Shows per Week

- with load-in days (i.e. first week in a new venue) max. 7 shows in 5 days

- without load-in days (i.e. second and consecutive weeks in a new venue) max. 8 shows in 6 days

(one day in a 7 day period must be off, i.e. free of shows and publicity)

Double show days: Min. time between the top of the 1st & the top of the 2nd show is 4 hrs for a full show. For shorter shows, there is a different timing, depending on the length.

Load-out: after the final show. Duration depends on the local crew and loading facilities, 3 - 5 hours


Modular Show

SOAP can be performed in a variety of versions:

The show is without spoken words but there are different language versions for the main song to be used for the live singing:

German: Pack die Badehose ein (Conny Froboess)

English: Splish Splash I Was Taking a Bath (Bobby Darin)

Spanish: Maria Isabel by Los Payos: La Playa Estaba Desierta…    

For other language areas, we can prepare a suitable song and adjust the song texts accordingly.


Different Versions of SOAP

There are two basic versions:

- A full show with an interval of 20 minutes and a total length of approximately 2 hours.

- Shorter versions without an interval are possible from approximately 60 minutes to 90 minutes duration.


Because the short stories in SOAP are independent of each other, it is possible to change the running order or to leave out or replace numbers, in case this should be required. The show is very flexible.


Basic Technical Requirements

Ideal stage dimensions

Min. 10m width, min. 9.00m depth, min. 7m height. There is flexibility: Please send us stage plans (sections and ground plans) in .dwg format!


Approx. 110x1kW (PAR64, PC, profiles, floods), 6x Mac700 Spot & 6x Mac700 Wash & 6x GLP Impression or similar, 8 x led strips @ 1m. Alternative plots are possible.

There is a new and reduced light plot for touring. It requires only about 48 dimmer channels @ 2.5kW and min. 12 x moving light spot (type Mac 700, Robe dlx or similar), 6 x led moving wash (GLP Impression, Robin 600 or similar), 6 x led wash, 8 x led strip @ 1m and profiles, pcs and PAR 64.


Live singing voice: 1x headset, 1x handheld, PA left right, centre cluster, min. 4 stage monitors (side fills), board w/ 4x mono & 3x stereo in, effects. All playback control travels with the company: Mac mini with Q-lab and sound card.


1 rigging point for aerial acrobatics in the centre of the stage at a height of min. 6 meters, must not move, with min. 1 ton break load guaranteed, pulley position off stage left (or right) & counter weight point on the ground, each with min. 1 ton break load guaranteed. All other rigging equipment travels with the company.

Water supply

3/4“ cold water near the stage with sufficient pressure (min. 6 bar). Water control travels with the company.

Power for water boiler

1x 32 Amp 3 phase CE power supply for the water boiler. Alternative 1 x 16 Amp. power supply.

Water Protection

A carefully taped black dance floor (marley) with genuine 50 mm wide black PVC tape (a type of wide electric tape, not Gaffa or similar) protects the stage well enough. We use less than 100 litres of water per half show, it just looks like a lot but it is not.

The technical rider for the touring version of SOAP is part of the contract.

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